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Limited Edition Collection

Specially made BellyBelts with unique styling, and are only available for a short period of time, or as long as supplies last. See which Limited Edition Collections we have currently!


My Precious Collection

Gemstones date back to ancient civilizations 5,000 years ago, and they are indeed a Gift from Nature. Not only are they beautiful, they are also known for their physical and emotional properties. Gemstones have been made into jewelry pieces for thousands of years, amulets for protection, talismans for emotional and physical benefits, as well as rings and pendants as symbols of status, wealth and position. Even ancient Egyptians used to adorn themselves with gemstones to travel to the afterlife.

My Precious Collection incorporates a variety of gems with our crystal beads and sparkle to create a beautiful Belly Belt with ancient meaning and purpose. Each My Precious collection Belly Belt will come with its own tumbled stone.

Glorious Gold Collection

This collection has the vibe of warm glistening gold with so much gold sparkle, you may need sunglasses. we have made this collection with pure gold beads, gold sparkle beads and gold toggle. these beauties will twinkle and shine for days.

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